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Cardamom the “QUEEN OF SPICES”

There are two varieties of Indian cardamom. One is Malabar cardamom and Mysore cardamom. The Malabar cardamom is more aromatic as it contains high level of cineol and limonene. 

Cardamom is used for cooking and medicines purposes.

An Overview:

Cardamom has high reputation among spices and that is the reason it is highly priced and expensive. Oil extracted from cardamom seeds are used in foods, liquors, tonics and perfumes. Cardamom is widely used in Ayurveda medicines for digestion disorders and teeth infections. 35000 tons of cardamom is produced world wide every year.

Countries like UAE, Saudi Arabia and India consume maximum cardamom which contributed about 60% consumption worldwide. 16% is consumed by Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, Norway and Finland. European countries consume 14%, Japan consume 3% and USA consume 2.5%.

History of Cardamom:

Cardamom first originated as wild herbs. A medicine literature named Charak Samhita written in India between 2nd century BC and 2nd century AD gave first information about cardamom. Greeks initiated the exploration and started to use it as digestive medicine herb. It was also used in many recipes and drinks for its flavor and fragrance. By 16th century many countries started to import from India. Now cardamom is grown is grown as secondary crop with coffee plantations.


  • Cardamom is added as flavor for food and drinks.

  • It is one of the cooking spices.

  • This is used in treating gums, teeth, digestive disorders, skin conditions, throat infections and many more.

  • Cardamom oil is used in perfumes, tonics, foods and liquor.

  • Northern Europe use cardamom as important ingredient for sweet foods.

  • Cardamom is used in Indian sweets and tea.

  • Cardamom is used to prepare strong cardamom coffee in Arabia.

Production in India:

India is a dominant country in cardamom production. India produces 20000 to 30000 metric tons of cardamom per year. This is cultivated in Western Ghats and also known as cardamom hills. Below states are involved in cardamom production.

  1. Kerala

  2. Karnataka

  3. Tamil Nadu

Kerala produces maximum of 70% in total production. Karnataka produces 20% and Tamil Nadu produces 10%. Production in India satisfies the domestic demand and so there is no need of importing from other countries.

Below are the major countries that import cardamom from India.

  1. Saudi Arabia
  2. Japan
  3. Germany
  4. Netherlands
  5. United Kingdom
  6. Dubai
  7. Yemen

Major Cardamom Trading Centers in India:

  1. Vandanmedu (Kerala)

  2. Bodinayakanur (Tamil Nadu)

  3. Kumily (Kerala)

  4. Thekkady (Kerala)

  5. Pattiveerampatti (Tamil Nadu)

  6. Cochin (Kerala)

  7. Thodupuzha (Kerala)

  8. Saklashpur (Karnataka)

  9. Mercara (Karnataka)

  10. Medikeri (Karnataka)

  11. Mangalore (Karnataka)

  12. Mumbai (Maharashtra)

  13. Virudhunagar (Tamil Nadu)

  14. Thevaram (Tamil Nadu)

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